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Devour Team Cooperative Membership was for artists, musicians and chefs who offered their creativity, skills, and enthusiasm. We shared responsibilities, costs, and rewards toward the accomplishment of a deliciously soulful experiece for our audience. 

Steve Perkins
creative director

A suburban dad who cooks and makes art, Steve works in a range of mediums and juggles all that makes up devour. Over the past 10 years he has been getting commissioned work to travel and make art in China, Taiwan, India, and Istanbul, as well as his first international exhibition in Bangkok. He has a MFA in writing/directing from Columbia University. 


Sara Leibowitz


A founding member of the Devour team, Sara brings spunk and lighthearted energy to our transitional moments. Her attention to detail contributes to food and wine as well as the service. She imbues life into guests with a willingness to go with, and contribute to, the flow of each evening. 

Ian McHugh
heavy metal chef

During our Patterns of Migration 2.0 show at Corridor Gallery in Brookly, Chef Ian dazzled with treats for the taste buds.

Mario Galeano
performance artist

The genius that is Mario begins with his open heart and ends with his willingness to explore universal emotions through his own personal viewpoint. An experienced actor, dancer, and photographer, he brings an intense theatricality to his performances that shouldn't be missed.

Nicole Perkins

sweets curator

A teenage science geek and baker, Nicole offered to make dessert for the first Devour event and has stuck around since. Her favorite thing to bake is sea salt chocolate chip cookies. A high school student when she's not in the kitchen, she can be found in the science labs or knitting.

Chris Cochrane

A whiz with his hands, Chris’s magical fingers were most often found during Devour giving massages or jamming out on the guitar. Chris’s specialty was spreading good vibeswhether through physical relaxation or soothing tunes that eased the evening along.

Pedro Garcia

jokester / photgrapher

Maggie Love

social media assistant/hostess

A camera nerd with a great sense of humor, Pedro was most often found behind some complex piece of camera machinery, searching for the best ways to document Devour for the masses. His pictures captured both the details and laughs of each evening, as well as the performances and side conversations that are characteristic of the events. 

Maggie was the public face of Devour and our efforts to take over the world via food, music, art and performance. She greeted visitors at the door and kept them smiling through the end of the night.

Janet Limet Reda

Chef, InMyTinyKitchen

A wonderful home cook with an awesome spirit, Janet has previously created wonderful dishes to contribute to Devour as a guest chef. Her multi-course meal for the second Sfumato evening was certainly a memorable one. 

Alan Goodman

string man extraordinaire


A. Good


With a day job a music teacher, he is the owner of an especially unique collection of instruments, though ukulele remains a favorite. 

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